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Player Projection: B.J. Mullens

Mullens has a lot of physical gifts.  He’s large enough to be a legitimate center in the NBA.  To go along with this size, he has solid athleticism and quickness.  This allows him to be a great finisher at the rim.  Unfortunately, Mullens never really put it together at Ohio State.  His production was inconsistent, to put it nicely.  Had he been able to come straight out of high school, he may have been a top five pick.  After one disappointing year in college, he’s just hoping to be taken in the first round.

How does BSPS think Mullens will do in the NBA?  Let’s take a look at his projected career averages per 36 minutes:

If nothing else, Mullens will be a pretty decent rebounder because he’s big and athletic.  However, his offensive game is so raw that he won’t be much of a scorer.  In fact, he’ll likely get less easy finishes in the NBA because of smarter defenders.  Besides the rebounds, there is very little to praise in that box score.

This is to be expected, though.  Mullens had a poor season and I doubt anyone would state otherwise.  However, he was just a freshman, and whichever team takes him knows they’ll be selecting a risky project.  I started this article by saying that Mullens has a number of physical gifts.  Those are real.  The question is whether or not he turns those gifts into actual production in the NBA.  Based on a small sample size, BSPS doesn’t think he will.


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